Family Life

I am married to my wonderful husband Joey, who is my best friend and #1 supporter! Deco would only be a dream and not a reality if it weren't for his help and support. I was born into a big family that I love to spend time with. When we go back to my hometown of Rolla I can always count on good food and lots of laughs. My second family consist of all the great friends I have made since moving to Springfield. They are my home away from home. 


What I Love About Deco

Our team is amazing, fun and talented in more ways than I can count. We like to be upbeat and positive while working together as a team. I couldn't be blessed with better people to work with. Deco's success is due to ALL of us! 


Something You Would Be Surprised To Know About Me

If I wasn't a salon owner or hairstylist, I would be a wedding planner/decorator. I'm obsessed with helping people plan their weddings!


Favorite Place To Travel

Nashville...everyday of the week. 


Favorite Season

Fall- sweaters, lattes, boots, football. Enough said.